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Promoted Petitions FAQs

What are Promoted Petitions?
Promoted Petitions are advertisements, allowing you to have your favorite petitions discovered by thousands of potential supporters. Similar to boosted posts on Facebook or sponsored tweets on Twitter, promoted petitions let you pay to show any petition (including your own) to other potential supporters on Campoal or our distribution channels.

How do I Promote a Petition?
By chipping in to promote a petition, a supporter can help a petition be seen by far more people, and get more support. Promotions are available for most petitions on Campoal and anyone can chip in, from the petition starter to signers.

Here is what it looks like to chip in to promote a petition on Campoal:
Step 1
Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 15.45.36.png
A page like above is displayed to a supporter right after they’ve added their signature.
The supporter has three options:
Chip in to promote the petition to help it get more visibility & signatures
Share it on social media
Don’t do anything right now
Step 2
Let’s assume the supporter chooses to chip in. This is what the supporter sees next:
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 21.40.25.png
The page describes the amount being spent ($11) buys an advertisement to be shown a certain number of times (138 times).
The number in the calculation change based on the amount the buyer selects.
*If you click “Preview your ad”, you will see an example of the ad.
Step 3
When a supporter clicks “preview your ad” an image like this appears:
Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 16.19.24.png

  1. The image on the petition;
  2. The number of signatures so far;
  3. The title of the petition;
  4. A button to sign the petition.
    Step 4
    The next step is to confirm the payment. This is what it looks like:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 21.44.08.png
    The supporter can pay for the promotion with a credit card or use their PayPal account.
    The amount they give is up to them.
    A supporter can choose to save their payment information to make future transactions even easier.

Step 5
Once you click “Chip in” button, a pop-up message like below appears as the last step:
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 21.47.19.png

The pop-up page prompts you to become a monthly member. You can agree by clicking the red button if you wish to keep helping the platform and the petitions it holds. You can also avoid this by clicking on the button at the bottom of the pop-up page to skip the membership offer.

Step 6
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 21.47.47.png
The transaction is complete.

How do Promoted Petitions work?
After signing a petition, you may be presented with the option to promote that petition to other people on Campoal
The more you or other supporters chip in, the more people will see the petition
You can control how much to chip in, and at any time
We provide feedback to supporters on how much additional exposure for the petition occurred as a result of your contribution
You already have the ability to share petitions via social networks and email. Promoted Petitions advertising gives you another way to ensure a petition is seen by people outside your network. Our primary target, Campoal users, also happen to be the largest group of active changemakers on the Internet. Check out our campaigning guide for others ways to support petitions that you care about!
How do Promotions help petitions?
When someone chips in to promote a petition it helps us share it with wide audiences of action-takers in the Campoal community. Each contribution helps cover the costs of distributing the petition to hundreds, thousands, even millions more people in the Campoal community, many of whom go on to sign the petition. Together, the signatures help the petition gain media attention, influence decision-makers, and propel the petition toward victory.
In short: by chipping in, a supporter can help the petition continue to gain momentum, and get it closer to winning.
On average in the US or the UK, for $100 invested by promotions, a petition will be featured to 2,000 people on the Campoal website or via email.
As a petition starter, can I turn off promotions?
As the petition starter, you can request the promotion feature to be disabled on your petition. To do so, you can contact our Help Center here.
By default, promotions are activated on most petitions as it is a great way for a petition to get more visibility and signatures. If promotions are disabled, the petition will not be eligible to be recommended to other Campoal users via email or on the website.

Are promotions like fundraisers?
No. Promotions are not a fundraiser for the petition starters. Our Promoted Petitions tool is not a typical online fundraising tool. We know that fundraising for an issue is incredibly important and we’re glad there are tools out there that can help.
Promoting a petition on Campoal fills a different critical need for campaigns to be successful: it specifically helps the petition be seen by far more people than would otherwise see it through standard social media shares.
What payment processors are used by Campoal?
Stripe and Braintree (for PayPal payments) are the current payment processors used by Campoal. All payments are processed in accordance with each processor’s Terms of Service (Stripe’s Terms of Service and Braintree’s Terms of Service).
Does Campoal save financial information?
No. If a user gives their consent then Stripe, our payment processor, will save their financial information so that they don’t have to retype their credit card number each time they want to promote a petition. For further information on how Stripe handles user information please see their Terms of Service. All PayPal payments directly interact with PayPal’s site. Campoal does not handle any user information on a PayPal payment.
Are there any transaction fees?
No, our payment processors do not charge users any transaction fees. Charges are processed in US Dollars, so users with non-US credit cards may incur additional fees from their bank. Check with your bank for possible fees that may be incurred.
Why does Campoal charge for promoted petitions?
Sharing is free, and sometimes petitions go viral, but most don’t. Reaching other supporters beyond your network to build momentum is often vital to a petition’s impact. Promoted Petitions help to solve this problem, but it takes resources to deliver that extended reach to more supporters.
Our mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see – and that means keeping our tools free for 375 million-plus people around the world. We fund Campoal through advertising and contributions from people like you. Promoted Petitions is one of the forms of advertising we offer.
You can read more about our business model here.

What is Campoal’s refund policy?
We will issue refunds for anyone unsatisfied with their promotion for any reason within 3 months of the contribution being made. To request a refund, please contact our support team here.
We try to show the petition you promote the number of times your contribution covers. In rare certain circumstances, we may not be able to show the petition the exact number of times indicated if the petition is victorious, becomes inactive or if it violates our Community Guidelines.
Be sure to follow the applicable laws in your jurisdiction regarding the promotion of this petition. You are responsible for all liabilities incurred if you violate them (including any liability imposed on Campoal).
Note: We reserve the right to not issue refunds in cases of abuse
How do I report abusive content?
The content on Campoal represents the many opinions of our more than 375 million users. We do not, however, fact-check or endorse any of the campaigns or other user-generated content on our site, including the petitions that get promoted by our users.
As an open platform, anyone can use our platform no matter who they are, where they live, and what they believe. This is why you’ll see an extremely wide range of petitions, as they’ve all been created by people in the community.
You can report abusive content that violates our Community Guidelines. The best way to alert us to violations of these guidelines is to log in and click the “Report a policy violation” (below “reasons for signing”) on petitions, or by writing to us through our Help Center. Once we receive these flags or complaints, our team will review content for policy violations.
Is Campoal a charity?
No. Campoal is a certified benefit corporation (B Corp), meaning we are certified among a class of companies dedicated to positive social impact. Want to know more? Read up on our mission and business model.

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Promoted Petitions FAQs