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We started in 2016 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely to start their own petition. Today, we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for social movement accross the world.
Who use platfrom?

We believe that when everyone speaks out the problem of society and action together, the world will become a better place.

Social activists can start a social movements and connect supporters in their communities.
Decision makers at the highest levels of government are engaging with their constituents.
Leading organizations are advancing their causes and mobilizing new supporters.
Journalists are sourcing powerful stories and covering campaigns hundreds of times a day.

We believe in your voice

We’re in here with a simple and clear mission is building a powerful platform for the change, helping people around the world to raise their voices, collecting signatures and contribute to the world.
At Conikal, We believe that the power to change the world is in all human beings, we also believe that when everyone speaks out the problem of society and action together, the world will become a better place.
Our values
Make more value, not money.
We focus on creative and delivering value to people across the world.
Make it simple, not stressful.
We make everything simple, clearly and accessible to everyone.
Be human, not devil.
We do the right things with love and sincerity to create sustainability.

Our story

April 2016 when I was working part-time at a travel agency. At that time, there was an environmental problem in my country that made many people angry and they created a petition on Change dot org and shared it on Facebook. I am very interested in the idea of ​​this website, it is really helpful and it has a strong life impact. I wonder why there is not such a website in my country? I think every country should have such a website and the world should have more than one in the community. So I decided to quit my part-time job and start developing a platform for social movements.

Although I have some experience developing websites on WordPress at my company, I still face many challenges to develop and design. I work almost 12 hours a day, after 10 months the first version is released. I kept improving it over the next 3 years with hundreds of changes and new features added.

Today, hundreds of websites powered by Campoal are running around the world, millions of people are signing to support for the problem they care about, starting social movements and making changes to make their country a better place. People have used websites to change tax laws in France, raise funds to protect animals in Germany, speak out about social problems in Turkey, Calls for an end to war in Middle Eastern countries Fundraising to help children in Africa and more.

By empowering entrepreneurs and organizations to give people the opportunity to talk about their problems, I believe that anyone can make the world a better place.

Long Ha – Founder

Our vision

Our vision is to be the best petition platform in the world.

Our team

The talented and passionate people are changing the world

Nill Smith

Legal Advising

Kevin Thomson

Founder & CEO

Alex Browne

Director, Finance

Alex Peter

Marketing Head

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